There are a number of reasons why hair extension quality is so important. This includes the extension looks and feels more natural, easier to care and maintain and is longer lasting.

Original Diva only uses the very best quality 100% human hair and all of our products have been designed to not damage the natural hair.

Remy is when the roots and ends of the extensions are all in the same direction and there is no hairs that cross over. This technique makes the hair less prone to tangling and easier to care and maintain.

Original Diva extensions are 100% human hair. As a result, they can be curled, hot-ironed and straightened, just like your natural hair.

After 48 hours of the extensions being placed into the hair, you should only wash the hair with a high moisture shampoo and conditioner. High protein based shampoo and conditioner can dry the extensions. Do not use products that contain sulphur.

When shampooing the extensions, gently rub down the hair shaft and conditioner must be used after shampooing. Squeeze excess water and blow dry with a towel before styling.

Plait hair when sleeping as this will avoid tangling.

Original Diva extensions have been previously treated and chemically processed. It is not recommended to lighten or lift color from this hair. If you must color the hair, we recommend purchasing a lighter color and using semi-permanent color to deposit only.

Make a practice of rinsing and conditioning the extension after exercising. Salt from exercising if allowed can build up and will strip the hair.

  • Do not use 2 in 1 products
  • Do not use shampoo that has color in it like blonde shampoo or color brighteners
  • Do not use anti-dandruff shampoos and conditions
  • No not use any products designed for scalp problems
  • Do not use products with a high protein content
  • Do not swim in a chlorine pool or sea water. This will prolong the life span of the extensions
  • Do not use a blow dryer too close to the bonds